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Gibson Elementary Composting Session

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 21 November 2014

The garden club gets a Project Pickle composting lesson.

You can, yes, although they will take some time to break down. The smaller the size the better that is for sure.

Can I put small cedar branches in my backyard compost?

Composting can be done in the winter as long as you have a good mixture of greens and browns. The process is not as fast as it can be in the other seasons but as long as your worms are happy you will be able to generate compost.

My niece would like to know if you can compost in the winter

There are all kinds of varied opinions on composting and would can be included. Just google home composting and you will have lots of resources to review.

A simple explanation and a chart of what can and cant be composted can be seen HERE


The Project Pickle composting program uses only "greens" and "browns". There are no meat, dairy or general table scraps used in our composting program.

The district's "organics" bins are used to follow metro guidelines to reduce food scraps in the landfills. We support this initiative but we are encouraging the type of composting that you would do in your backyard.

I have the exact same question. We have never put table scraps in our backyard com poster

what is the difference between the district organic composting programs and the Project Pickle composting program?

Agreed. It is confusing for the kids but we are trying to promote greens and browns only for the school farms. No animal by products, dairy or anything containing fat or oil.

Some areas are allowed to "compost" table scraps. Kind of confusing as to what should and shouldn't be composted

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