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Food Revolution Day Arugula Salad

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 13 May 2015

Hi Jamie. Happy Food Revolution Day! Kids in our district planted 1200 cucumber seed over the past coup[le of weeks and are beginning to enjoy some of the vegetables grown on their school farms

We have access to a commercial kitchen for this year so the kids will be harvesting and preparing salads that they have made on their won. Promises to be a great day!

The goal this year is to have 500 kids chow down on locally grown veggies on the big day

Although we are 4 months away from the big day, plans are already in the works to make 2016 the best Food Rev Day ever!

Good to hear we are making progress in developing an accredited curriculum for the senior students in the Delta School District!

We chowed a bunch of them today

No. These will be included in the kids salads over the next couple of weeks. If there are any left after the end of the school year you can have some but please do not touch anything else that is growing. Thanks.

Many of the schools in Delta do not have cafeterias or lunch rooms so we have taken the effort to prep salads in the classroom as the crops mature. Once again, if the kids plant it they will eat it.

Hmmmm, I thought British Columbians were more healthy. Apparently one out of four of us is obese! We need to start kids down the righ path early. If they grow it they will eat it!

I noticed some beautiful strawberries growing at one of the schools. Can we help ourselves?

One of the very real side benefits of working with the kids is witnessing the sense of pride and accomplishment that the children show when they are able witness the simplicity of a growing plant. Fast forward to harvesting and eating and you can undertsand quite readily the importance of agri-literacy.

If you want to do a favour for your kids, plant some seed in your backyard. You will all be better for it

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