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Food Neighbourhoods

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 07 November 2012

I had a great time talking to some grade 4 students at Cliff Drive Elementary School about composting and I introduced them to Project Pickle which was launched last June at Pebble Hill Traditional School.
These students are lucky to have an enthusiastic teacher and are very keen to add the compost that they have been collecting and nurturing to their very own garden beds that will be built on school property in the coming weeks.
They are also excited about joining other schools in the district to work together to expand Project Pickle in the spring.
School ground land assets are the perfect place to actively pursue horticulture and further develop it as an important curricula item.
Students, parents, teachers and the broader neighbourhood will be galvanized with these local food neighbourhoods.
Growing, sharing and trading food from the schoolyard and the backyard will only serve to broaden the horizons of the youth in our communities.

I am surprised how many "new" schools don't have kitchens. It seems that anything built in the 60's 70's just thought it was a big waste of time and money.

It is now too late and to expensive to retrofit these schools which seems to bad.

Some baby steps at Chicago schools. A little overboard on the cheese and Milk stuff though! Just get rid of the pop and chips and chocolate bars.
Take a page out of the Delta School District's book and grow some food on your own property!

Food neighbourhoods make too much sense. The concept is so simple and addresses so many of the hot button issues around food these days.

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