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Farmer Mike relaxes for a second

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 23 August 2013

Farmer Mike relaxes for a second

The South Delta Leader is going to do a little recipe blurb on Project Pickle and i have come out from behind the curtain.

I give my famous Tsatsiki recipe for their "local flavour" piece. I could tell you what its is now but then I would have to kill you.

If you have a great cucumber recipe send it in for all to enjoy!!

I think all of our seedings will enjoy this cool rainy weather but I am not sure that fair goers will!

No cukes at my house but I am buried by tomatoes. I have been following the trading aspect. You can count on me. send DM for info

My toms are lagging for some reason? Lots, lots of sun but only Tumler varieties so far.

If anyone has toms for trade I have more than enough Cukes!

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