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Exposing kids to new ideas at school

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 15 June 2012

Happy Graduation class of 2012 !!! Good luck out there!

From the Delta Optimist.....


Over the next week or so it will be celebration time for High School grads and I know that their friends and families are proud and happy for them and wish them all the very best as they step in to a new world. Remind your kids and friends that are graduating, or who have recently, that it is highly likely that their “fun meters” will be on high during these 7 or 8 years after high school. Keep your heads up, be safe and have the times of your lives class of 2012!


High school is an interesting place and preparing for life after it is no easy task. If you were like me, you kinda knew what you wanted to do in the adult world so you sort of took the courses in high school that would get you through to post secondary to secure that dream job. That’s what some of us thought. Thing was for me, I started making more money in a totally different career while attending University than I would have if I choose the career I thought I wanted and was actually studying for.  When you are twenty and living on your own and buying all your own stuff there is no looking back.


This happens all the time and 17 year olds should not be nervous about trying things a little differently when the opportunity presents itself.  The world demands a little more innovation these days. We keep hearing that the trades are a promising area for future high school graduates to prepare for educationally. Some moms and dads have expectations for their kids that have been shared for generations.


Kids are given some guidance in high school as to where to steer their interests and abilities. Some children excel in traditional and structured learning environments and some kids become engaged in more flexible open learning and self directed atmospheres.


The Delta School District have been innovators in creating new learning realms over the past few years. As a part of its’ “Bold Vision” the District hopes “to enable all learners to succeed and contribute their full potential to the future”.


Some of the “Academy” programs developed by the school district have been more successful than others but to me the real success here is that significant effort is going in to helping build potential new and creative areas of interest designed to stimulate our kids and broaden their horizons before they inevitably pick up that back pack and head to Europe.


A fine example of innovation and creative learning and a great send off to Pebble Hill students this year will be “Project Pickle”. Next week, each student will be planting a pickling cucumber which will be tended by SDSS students over the summer. In the fall, the crop will be harvested and the kids will be shown how to pickle and can, and how to prepare the finished branded product.


This program is designed to show kids that there is potentially more to the life-cycle of a fruit or vegetable than just planting tending and harvesting. Learning about the concept of value-added and product development in horticulture and every aspect of education from K-12 and beyond can only be good for kids, their futures and ultimately for all of us.

Agreed. I think the best part of these projects is that the kids get to see what they are growing every day. They get hands on experience several times during the year and they dont have to get on a bus to go anywhere

Got any good ones?

The harvest began yesterday. 3 dozen cucumbers were picked and are awaiting the next stage in their journey.

Some new unit studies are being developed for the Delta School District. Shoul be fun for the kids this year!

Saw the cucumbers the other day. They are loking good. Are they being trained vertically? I saw the twine. what does that mean and do?

Agreed, nice to foster that community spirit in students and youth to develop that sense of communal spirit and responsibility. They'll be the neighbourhood pillars of tomorrow, so why not expose them to this now?

Fantastic turnout yesterday for the launch of 'Project Pickle" 200 hundred elementary students from Pebble Hill Traditional school in sunny Tsawwassen planted their very own pickling cucumber which will be tended to and eventually harvested by SDSS students. More to come on this....

I am all for getting the kids out of the school and in to the community to learn about thiungs. Things havent changed much in a long time

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