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English Bluff Plants Cukes

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 19 June 2013

English Bluff Plants Cukes

A great day in Project Pickle Ville!!! Here we are after planting 80 of our lovingly cared for seedlings at English Bluff Elementary School. Today, in the Delta School District, dozens of our kids got their fingers dirty and learned how to best succeed in growing pickling cucumbers. The "buddy system" was employed yet again and another school neighbourhhod farm is well underway.

A couple of hundred kids a day for the next week and they are having way too much fun!

Using school district owned lands to educate our children makes simple sense and the Delta School District is leading the way in Metro Vancouver. We give thanks to our partners in moving this initiative forward. Thanks Solefood!! Thanks Kwantlen!!. Thanks Port Metro Vancouver!! Thanks Corp Delta!!

The Backyard Cooperative certainly appreciates the patience of Delta School District educators at this very busy time of year, The irony is not lost. Scrambling to get kids out of school so that they can go and work on the family farm. Not!

All is not lost though. Children and young adults will be manging our school neighbourhood farms all summer long just like in the good ole' days! 

Well done everyone!

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