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English Bluff Harvest morning

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 12 September 2013

English Bluff Harvest morning

Mrs. Morrow's grade 3/4 class were busy beavers on a warm September morning at English Bluff Elementary in the Delta School District in Metro Vancouver.

Schools and kids across the municipality are busy harvesting all kinds of goodies.

At EB today, the young farmers harvested dill, coriander and Portugese hot peppers that will make their way in to dozens of pickle jars. After the harvest, the kids planted spinach.

Next week they will learn how to pickle and will harvest some of their Chard, Beets and Arugula.

The ever ending summer is keeping the kids outside and that can only be good!

Yes, those peppers willdry to a deep red colr. They are called Portugese red hots and are similar to a cayenne pepper but somewhat sweeter with the heat bite hanging on to the end of the pallette.

Had a coiu[ple of the peppers from the school. What kind are they and will they eventuakky turn red?

The Coriander kids harvested enugh Coriander to supply the whole districts' pickling needs!

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