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English Bluff Elementary kids get their fingers dirty today

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 03 April 2014

Radish, Arugula and carrot seed get in the dirt today. Rennie Morrow's keen class had some fun this afternoon. We had time for a worm stomp as well which produced some great results. We are on round one of seeding at our school neighbourhood farms and will be planting every two - three weeks for the rest of the year.

I use about two teaspoons of Coriander for a one litre container. AllRecipes hassome good simple ideas for pickling.

how much would i need to make 1 litre jars and do you have any god recipes?

We have a bumper crop of Coriander this year. If anyone needs any for pickling in the Vancouver BC area please drop us a line and we will try to get some to you. Perhaps a trade?

You learn something new every day it is true

That is Cilantro that has been left to purposely go to seed to produce coriander for our pickling operations later this summer.In the meantime the tiny white flowers are attrackitinpollinators for our peppers, zucchini and cucumbers that are growing at that farm

I waslk my dog through here every day. I recognize the Dill that is growing there but what are the tall plants that look like weeds? They have white flowers

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