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An early spring keeps the kids outside!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 04 March 2015

All kinds of things going on at the school neighbourhood farms. Lots of seed in the ground already and the worms are doing a great job!

Lots of our veggies bolted due to the extensive early heat

It was and is still hot out there! No rain in the forecast and the hose sales in South Delta are through the roof!

Not enough rain. this weekend is going to be a scorcher apparently.

Finally a decent rain lst night! Still really not enough to penetrate deep in to the soil but at least it is something. The sprinklers will contine to sprinkle.

Looks like it will be a tough year for farmers big and small? very little rain this spring!

I really like your information and i would like to join you.

A perfect mix of heat and rain over the past few days here on the wet coast. Little green sprouts are popping up all over the place!

Back to work tomorrow. A long two weeks is over and its time to get our fingers dirty.

Finally some rain ast night. Nice and warm so germination will e quick from our seeding this week.

I must admit that I found it odd doing a rain dance with the kids the other day. We have a wack of seed in the ground and could use a little!

It would sure be nice to see a little rain. I cant believe we have to water our seeds in early March!

This class is incredibly keen to get outside no matter what the weather. Tomorrow we will planting Arugula and carrot.

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