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Dog walkers need to pay more attention

By English Bluff - Posted on 26 January 2014

We are lucky at English Bluff to have so much space to play on our school grounds! Our grounds are also a popular dog walking destination which is great but a little more care has to be taken so that off leash dogs do not dig in our school neighbourhood farm. Parents and neighbours please help to police our school grounds and remind pet owners that our raised beds are not play places for dogs.

OK I admit it....I took some arugula from Cliff Drive for Scientific purposes only of course!

We have a newsletter ready to head out to the school communities in the next week. Basically respectfully asking dog owners that if the dogs are off leash that they are at least within visual and earshot range to obey commands to "come" and "off" etc.

Same thing at English Bluff. There is the emergency container adjacent to the farm. Maybe the school district could post a memo within the contect of a mural of some kind?

I saw some dog tracks in the beds at Cliff Drive. Why can't doq owners be a little more respectful of what the kids are trying to do on their farms? Come on people!

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