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Dog challenges

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 25 July 2015

Dog challenges

If the heat wasnt enough, the English Bluff school farm has had other challenges. The expanse of the schoolyard at this school makes it ideal for dogs and dog walkers. The problem is that the owners have let their dogs wander in to the beds. The kids have been diligent about putting up signs so that the owners know that there are plants growing. Just this past Thursday I cleaned out a bed to get some seed in the ground. On Saturday it occured to me that dogs have probably been in the bed already and sure enough thsy were. Let's see how long this sign stays up and if dog owners could smarten up!

I noticed that many of the popsicle stick markers had been pulled out or Knocked over. Dogs?

I think that is a great idea. It wouldn't take long to find violators up there!

Nice to see the new sign at English Bluff. Created by a student in Rennie Morrow's class. With the help of "Papa"

Many thanks to English Bluff student William Marynech and his grandfather Don Rossander for the sign they madefor the school farm. Hopefully people read it!

I walk my dog at English Bluff and I have often seen people at the school who are chatting with each other and have no idea where their dogs are. Send a by-law official up there and make the town some money!

I was at this farm this morning and guess what? The bed with the sign in it had fresh dog prints in it. WTF?

Also, the owners are not picking up after their pooches. Funny though, this is the only school farm where this is an issue.

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