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Dirty Fingers means Spring is Here

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 24 April 2014

Another busy day in Delta as young agrarians plant all kinds of things. Mucho fun had by all as per usual. This is a snippet of todays activities. It is going to get progressively busier leading up to the end of the school year as Project Pickle gets in to full swing.

It was 26 celcius for a couple of days in a row and hadn't rained substantially for several more. suddenly we are at ten degrees and I am glad i havent planted the annuals I was tempted to purchase.

I'm chpmpimg athe bit but have to be patient. The kds farms are doing well with their first seedings. 

They have various flowers , tomatoes and some squash on the go so far.

What have they got growing in there?

I understand the kids will be participating in food revolution day. whay have you got planned?

Nice to see the children spending lots of time outside!

The fantastic little green house shown in this clip was built by a shop class at neighbouring Seaquam high School. A great job and a wonderful example of the school community working together!

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