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Crazy Busy in Pickleville

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 29 May 2013

One school lecture, two site surveys, ten yards of soil delivered, seed and herb deliveries today. Much the same tomorrow except that we get to shovel the soil with the kids which will be fun like usual. At least the weather is going to be better! Very much looking forward to touring Sole Food Street Farms at Pacific and Carall next Thursday though! 

Michael Ableman will address several School District kids, Principals and educators at this special year end event.

Crazy Busy in Pickleville
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Oh ya...Heath 5 beds and over the summer several more schools which will close in on having every school in Delta involved.

There are several neighbourhood school farms on the go in North Delta.

Sushine Hills 5 beds

Cougar Canyon  3 beds

Delview 5 beds

Gibson 5 beds

Hellings 4 beds

And,  as a part of the SoleFood Farms / Delta School District alliance,  a possibility of the first and largest "Solefood School Farm" in Delta BC


Are you going to build gardens in North Delta soon?

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