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Cliff Drive Snippet

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 29 November 2012


Here is a little taste of what went on at Cliff Drive Elementary today.A Backyard Cooperative grade 12 high school liaison student teaches twenty or so grade 7 kids how to build raised garden beds on school property where all of the students will participate in nurturing the gardens now,and in the new year. The Delta School District is germinating new ideas on their own lands. Young learners will be the ultimate benefactors.

On this rainy December 11 Project Pickle moves to Beach Grove Elementary school where three raised beds will be installed by the students. Courtyard beds will follow.
There will be a slideshow of the event later this afternoon.

Interesting program in Courtney BC. We had discussed to doing the same with our school farms but will instead be donating a percentage of our harvest to Delta Food Banks

Nice to see the kids getting dirty and having some fun! We bought two bags of the Spinach at English Bluff back in October. It was really good! anything in the ground right now?

Kind of a weird one weather wise today! Rain, sun, pouring rain, intensely brutal pouring rain! The Backyard Coop team is tough though. Four raised beds installed at Cliff Drive Elementary school today.
Composting unit will start before Christmas break. Welcome to Project Pickle Cliff Drive!

I whole heartedly agree that the massive land base of school property could be far better used. The kids need fields and playgrounds but they don't need 10 or more acres to run around on at recess.

It sure looks like everyone is having fun. This site is really coming along! Nice job.

Nothing but positives. Using school lands for teaching and growing just make too much sense!

the kids are having an absolute blast building and working their school neighbourhood farms! Getting outside is good!

It is amazing when you get a group of kids together for anything. In the case of food growing you can pick em' off a mile a way. Some of these learners didn't want to go home and pleaded with their pick-up's to be able to stay to finish.
We need to nurture this enthusiasm right out of the shoot and make sure that it doesn't wane.
The Delta School District is germinating new ideas in local school farm neighbourhoods

Twenty learners getting outside and doing something positive is a great outcome. Collaboration with high school students and elementary students on a common goal on district owned lands just makes sense.
Hort in the Hood and Project Pickle is engaging our kids.We need new bodies in the agri-food economy right across the board and the Delta School District is taking a leadership role.

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