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Cliff Drive Harvest

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 19 September 2013

What a great day at Cliff Drive Elementary school. Tons of local chow!

This morning Holly Elementary kids harvested some beets and some fantastic swiss chard. Check @dirtworking for photos!

Tomorrow Cliff Drive is seeding spinach and radishes. The "green for greens" program has started and schools will have fresh produce to sell for parent teacher conferences in October.

Yes indeed! Product was all sold in one afternoon. We have several schools harvesting this week and next and we should have a decent crop for parent teacher conferences in October.

You are right. That is a lovely combo and nice and easy. The spice from the Arugula and the sweetness of the toms really balance out.

You know what is great? An Arugula and Tomato sandwhich! Toasted bread a little butter salt and pepper and that's it. You have to give it a try. Pile the Arugula high!

I hear the Arugula sold out right away?

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