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Cliff Drive Elementary

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 19 July 2013

Cliff Drive Elementary

Cill Drive Elementary is looking great. They have spuds, lettuce, cucumbers, pumpkins, and shallots ion the go with a few rows of beet seed in the ground today. The sunny hot weather is keeping the Project Pickle crew busy indeed!!!

This is a good link for pickling recipes. There ae hundreds of them out there. Just do a google search to find one that appeals to you and your vegetables.

Top three producer for sure. Gibson and Heath are virtually tied for 4th

Will do. Remember that there are some basic rules but variations on the recipes themselves are virtually limitless.

Could you please send some links for pickling recipes? What types are you going to make from the school crops?

Another 4 dozen from Delview yeterday

Lots of the plants are producing fruit. Harvested 3 doszen from Delview Highschool today

Those are pickling cucumbers. That is the one common plant at every school farm.

I think I see Corn and pumpkin/zucchini in the background. What is in the foreground?

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