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Cliff Drive Composting

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 29 January 2015

Another great day to get out on the farm to bury stuff

This is very good for the young kids

Indeed….crunchy beds this morning and a frozen bird bath

I think a lot of people have been fooled by the mild winter. It looks like it will be below freezing at night next week.

Put my radish in way early and they Re just germinating now. It feels as though we are a months ahead of schedule this year! This is a good video for the younger composters out there

My neighbours put some in a couple of weeks ago and they are sprouting! Close to the house in a planter box.

O the radish front....funny you should ask. It has been very mild of late so I put some in just to see what hapens. We did get a late freeze and snow late last February so you never no. The fun part is the experimenting anyway.

Some good compost, bone meal, lime and a sunny location all contribute to a good crop.

Check this out 

What is the best soil to use fr strawberries and can I start some radish seed?

It looks like we will have a bumer crop of strawberries at Gibson and Cliff Drive this year!

A beautiful morning to be outside of the classroom! The young farmers took care of some weeding and composting today. They can hardly wait to get some seed trays on the go!

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