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By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 04 April 2016


The McCloskey kids were proud of their dirty fingers after some weeding and seeding this afternoon. Their farm is now looking way better! Strawberrie, carrots, radish, spuds and spinach in the ground. There is still some over-wintered chard ready to go. Well done kids!

It looks like we will have a community partner to assist with the costs of preparing some interpretive signage for our farms. This is good news! More to come on this front.

Weare always concerned about potential vandalism but the community engagement component of Project Pickle is helping communities embrace and not destroy.

So far so good on the new sognage . The critical weekend test has passed and everything is still there! #respect

We checked it out this Monday and the rocks were gone but still a few footprints. The kids are in the midst of making signs. hope this helps!

This school farm is right beside the school playground and the young kids like to plant rocks from the playground in the raised beds hoping to grow pebble trees I suppose. We are working on a strategy :)

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