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Charts and Maps

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 11 February 2016

Planning to plant isn't as easy as it sounds. The Gibson elementary garden club have beans, peas and radish in the ground. These are veggies that they have selected from reading their seed charts. They are no carefully documenting their plantings so that they can anticipate further seedings with the space available. They are learning how to create legends and are visualizing the growth of their farm in the coming weeks.

By all accounts some early seeding success. Except, of course, for the carrot group who plnted their seed 6 inches deep. I guess thsy didn't fully undertsand the directions? More likely they didn't read them and decided (fairly logically) that carrots are generally around six inches long and may grow upward?

Just before Spring Break, the kids at Delview will be initiating their seeding according to the planning they have done so far. Everyone is excited.

Project Pickle is a fine example of how the BC Governments' new curriculum can come to fruition on the school farm. Kids are being challenged to pick crops that can be rolled out throughout the school year. Making best use of small plots of land is a rewarding experience for them.

It is great to see how engaged the young farmers are.

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