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Chard for Lunch… Seriously?

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 23 October 2014

A great lunch today at South Park Elementary school where the kids ate their school neighbourhood farm produce. An amazing sight because the children all ate the food, taking pride of ownership of their Project Pickle undertaking. About half of the children preferred to take the veggies plain which is a great trend. Additionally, about half of the kids came back fore seconds. When you are in charge of your food, you seem to appreciate it more!

Putting the finishing touches on our nutritional series which will feature special lunch days in the new year which will feature some of the vegetables we will be planting in the spring

It looks like the temperature is going to drop significantly at the end of the week. One last chance to have a chard and spinach salad!

Quite astounding to watch these grade 2/3 kids love eating food they have harvested themselves. Connecting the food dots for youngsters will only serve to help all of us in the long run. The Delta Schhol District is a leader in introducing agri-literacy programs in British Columbia Canada and encourages your support and contributions on this website.

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