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Burying some scraps for Compost

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 12 February 2013

The kids at English Bluff were at it again today burying greenad brown composting material. Each of fifteen brown paper lunch bags with the material were buried along with a few worms in each hole. We even took on a "worm stomp" to get a few more wigglers involved. As usual, lots of fun!

The kids were given a paper lunch bag and were asked to take home for the weekend to partially fill with green and brown composting materials.

There is a good composting link on our resource page.

Whay exactly are the children burying here. Might try it at home if it makes sense.

good fun to try in the backyard too!

The kids didn't believe me last week when I told them that after a good rain when the soil ground is soft that a circle of stomping feet would bring wigglers to the surface. well, now that they know it is true I bet that there will be a lot of stomping at recess, lunchtime and after school.

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