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Big Worm Party Today!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 31 January 2013

Big Worm Party Today!

Just before Christmas Break, Mr. Preddy's class at Pebble Hill Traditional School buried paper lunch bags filled with brown and green composting materials. The class came out between rain showers this morning to start digging looking for worms. Guess what? Success! lots of red wigglers to the delight of all. Lots of squealing lots of digging.....good compost fun! One of the students named her worm Steve. Soon, the kids decided that Steve needed a wife some kids, some grandparents, cousins and brothers and sisters. Soon almost everyone had a worm in hand.

Steve and his extended family were put back into the increasingly blackening soil and will be visited again in a couple of weeks.

Well done composters,.! Your pickles are going to be spectacular this year!

Today we are off to Beach Grove Elementary to talk compost with grade 3 and grade 5 kids. Thankfully we are talking inside!

Make sure you layer your green and browns and make sure there is ample air.

Check out one of our composting links

There is no worm party going on in my compos. I thought I was doing everything right and checked a few sites on the Internet. What am I doing wrong?

Any word on how Steve the worm and his family are doing? we decided to find our own worm family on "Family Day" in BC. A good excuse to get outside on a kind of glum day.

I wonder how Steve and his extended family are doing now? We'll check up on them in a couple of weeks

Worms are people too!

Now that was fun!!

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