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Beets out! Daffodils in!!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 06 November 2013

"Green for Greens" chow will be out in the neighbourhood school farm community. Today, Beets were pulled and Daffodils were planted. All of the keen young farmers are excited about the process and the lessons they are learning. It's all good in the Delta School District!

We had some of the beets too. They were awesome

Hi Rennie. That is great that the young boy was paying attention and appreciates the difference in quality by eating from their own school farms. Very nice to see indeed.


Successful selling and learning! An observation from a grade three student as noted by teacher Rennie Morrow at English Bluff Elementary.....

Hi Mike,

Just to let you know we almost "sold out". Miss Smith came in with her bowl of Harvard Beets that Mrs. Reid Reynolds had purchased and cooked. When she spoke to the class about how absolutely delicious they were, she mentioned that they were far better than any she had every tried. One boy reminded her that of course they were delicious because they did not have any pesticides. They were straight from garden and prepared right away.

I will check for you to see if there is any left at this harvest. You can send an email to backyardcooperative

How do I get my hands on a bag of Arugula/

We will be up at English Bluff again tomorrow afternoon to harvest the last of the Arugula out and in to our "Rinse Chill Chow" bags

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