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By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 30 September 2014


Some fine specimens will be ready for the kids to harvest for Thanksgiving

We have Arugula, beets, radish, chard, spinach and surprisngly some late cucumbers. Most of this will be harvested for Thanksgiving later in the week. Over the winter we will be mostly bulb oriented as the kids will be selling flowers in the spring to raise funds for their farming programs.

If you have kids in school in Delta it is more than likely that you will be buying directly from them. Part of the excercise of Project Pickle is to teach the kids that they can package and market the food which puts money in their pocket except that the schools actually get the cash. The kids sure pick up on the idea quickly though which is great!

This particular farm is in fall greens mode with spinach, lettuce, arugula and chard being the main players.

Can the public purchase any of this produce?

This farm looks great. What all is growing there and what are you going to do over the winter in this location?

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