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By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 14 January 2016


Thuis Arugula is growing in a courtyard garden at Cougar Canyon elementary. A little more shelter has seen it survive a few frosts already this winter and we are looking forward toi some salad very soon!

There is little doubt as to what our mainstay over-winter crop will be. We have been eating arugula throughout the winter and there is still more to harvest as the new spring crop gets in to the ground.

We will be harvesting a winter crop this week at Gibson elementary.

We were actually eating some today at the Gibson elementary farm.

Peas are a strong #2 follwed by carrots.

Arugula has become a front runner for choice for planting by the kids. It is easy to grow, we can grow it year round in some locations and the kids appreciate its unique taste.

Though still in it's infancy, this crop is especially spicy! Would work well in a stir fry!

I am impressed that this crop has survived so well over the winter

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