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Another School Neighbourhood Farm in the works

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 19 December 2012

Today the BYCOOP Mobile was at South Park School where enthusiastic learners helped build courtyard garden beds. They will have to eat their wheaties over the holidays to work that drill and driver and shovel 5 yards of soil.

Kids seem to like hard work. Problem is that they are seldom given the opportunity to work hard.

Nice to see the kids getting involved. It is estimated that the agri-food biz will need 25, 000 workers to maintain our food supply over the next twenty years. Good to start exposing the kids to horticulture at a young age.

The kids will be preparing compost and will begin some seed selection in the next couple of weeks. They will all be involved in building a seed hoop house toward the end of February

Kinda cold and dreary today! The weather guys haven't been all that accurate.

Tomorrow the kids and a few parents from South Park will be working she shovels and filling 5 courtyard garden beds with 5 yards of soil. Let's hope its sunny!

Thios kids look like they are having a lot of fun. What will they be up to over the winyer months?

Two more beds installed in the courtyard on the rainiest day of the year on Tuesday. Thanks Chris! The kids are all lined up for dirt duty next Tuesday and I think we even have some parent helpers. 5 Yards is a lot of shovelling!

Still some work to do at South Park. The kids will be back at it after Christmas break!

The kids had a blast to day in the hour that wasn't in a hurricane today. Well done South Park Elementary and welcome to Project Pickle!

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