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Another School Neighbourhood Farm complete!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 15 January 2013

Parents, teachers and students all chip in to fill five raised garden beds with five yards of soil. A composting unit will begin shortly and seed selection for planting will begin in the next couple of weeks. Welcome to Project Pickle South Park Elementary school!

We are currently working within the Metro Vancouver area only but we do have plans to move in to other markets next year. Where do you live and would you like some background material sent to you?

I saw this video on twitter. Do you have programs elsewhere in Canada? How does on get involved?

That was a lot of fun today. Thanks to everyone who contributed! The kids had a blast as usual and are keen to start growing stuff now. They are excited to be the latest school to participate in "Project Pickle"

The weeks will fly by now and we will be planting seeds before you now it!

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