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Another great day to bury stuff

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 27 November 2014

The sun came out for a worm stomp and no coats were needed to bury the compost bags in the courtyard farm today. Brown paper lunch bags containing an assortment of compost materials and a shovel full of second stage compost with red wigglers are going to make for some great soil. Lot's of fun!

Depending on the school, we will be showing the kids the process as it unfolds. It will be a worm fest fun experience as always!

wondering when we can dig up the compost to see what has happened over the past weeks?

Up to Rennie Morrow's grade 2-3 class tomorrow for composting 101. Might get a worm stomp in too:)

A great session this morning. The sun was out for a change and the kids are having lots of fun learning about composting. We will be burying "Jack-O" tomorrow at Heath Traditional school....stay tuned for that!

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